WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Salt nic

About ORGNX Salt Nic

ORGNX Eliquids take the original ice recipe and infuses it with nicotine salt eliquid for your ultra portable systems. At ORGNX Eliquids, you can choose from the most amazing collection of nic salt juices available anywhere. Our salt nic juice flavors are sure to make your vaping experiences sensational. Not only can you buy best nic salt juice at ORGNX Eliquids, you can also enjoy them in a wide variety of flavors such as menthol salt nic juice, honeydew ice salt nic juice, peach ice salt nic juice, and apple ice salt nic juice. Buy nic salt flavors juice at ORGNX Eliquids to steer clear of the damages that conventional tobacco smoking does to the body. With our range of salt nic juices, you can get your nicotine hit without endangering your health.

Why Choose ORGNX Eliquids?

The ECC Vape Expo 2019 saw ORGNX Eliquids being awarded the honor of being the best Eliquid brand. Our range of delightful flavors such as menthol flavored salt nic juice and our latest addition, watermelon flavored salt nic juice, has given our loyal customers a wide range of salt nic juice flavors to choose from. Customers don’t just buy the best nic salt juices from us; they also appreciate the quality we deliver and provide great support and honest feedback to help us improve our quality. Expect to buy even better nic salt flavors juice from us in the future.

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