Flavor vs. Puff Count In Disposable Vapes

ORGNX Disposable 4000 Puffs

Disposable vape devices have an approximate puff count to indicate how long the e-liquid in the tank will last. Now that disposable vapes are rechargeable devices, users are able to reach higher puff count and finish the e-liquid until the last drop. Although, this is a major improvement as disposable vape devices continue to develop, a recurring comment while using disposables is that the flavor fades in taste or starts to taste burnt. This is due to the heating of the coil, which vaporizes the e-liquid inside. As you vape, this liquid heats up and becomes vapor. Eventually, it will heat up so much that it will start to combust and take in new flavor. If you are able to reach that approximate puff count than the taste might have changed and is hard to enjoy. To combat the struggle of disposable flavors, ORGNX have taken the time to engineer a disposable device that is made just for ORGNX e-liquid from your first inhale to the last exhale. Carefully selected flavors that taste perfect with the latest mesh coil technology.

The flavors of ORGNX e-juice is something the our team has taken very seriously while developing a device. One of the reasons our e-juice tastes so flavorful is because of the care we put into creating each flavor with a proprietary blend. Developing the perfect device with the right amount of puff counts that would complement ORGNX e-liquids, has been our goal from the beginning. This article will go over a couple of key points that we focused on while developing ORGNX disposable devices.

What to look for in a disposable vape?

There are many options to choose from when deciding which vape you should buy. However, it is important to understand that there are some factors that you should consider before you make your decision. The main determinant is the disposable device brand makes a flavor you would enjoy vaping. ORGNX made sure to cover every category of flavors to have flavors everyone can enjoy.

Then you should consider the number of hits or puff count you’re looking for, plus any additional feature you want. Remember that a device with a higher puff count will usually be a bit larger but depending on the brand that's not always the case. ORGNX choose to be available only in 4000 puffs to insure the mesh coil wouldn't taste burn if used certain amount of puffs.

Lastly, you’ll need to choose a brand. There are several brands that offer the same flavor and puff count but it all leads down to what brand you trust to provide the best product. If you just want to get a general idea of what vaping is about and how it works, you can simply buy whatever flavor appeals to you. If you’re really serious about switching from smoking to vaping, though, we suggest trying a few different flavors that are as different from one another as possible. You need to find a flavor that satisfies you as much as a cigarette would, and experimentation is the only way to discover the perfect flavor profile for your personal taste.

Disposable Flavors That Lasts

What’s the most important factor to consider when picking up a disposable vape? It's hard to avoid discussing flavors. For a long time, people have struggled to decide which flavor is best for vaping; however, we can definitively say that there isn’t any one best flavor. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best disposable vape. With so many options, it can be hard to understand which one is best for you. It's all about personal preference. Some people love a certain category, others don't.

Looking for the flavors that last from the first puff to the last exhale. Disposables have become the best way to enjoy multiple kinds of delicious flavors and a vaping experience that's user friendly without any maintenance worries. When choosing the right one, it is essential to make a short list for things you expect from a device. To this end, a list of the best disposable vape flavors should help make things much easier for you. ORGNX picked a disposable vape for that is durability, pleasant throat-hit effect, and long battery life. But what really counts is how they taste!

Must Try Disposable Flavors

Is flavor better than puff count?

The race to have the most puff count, is it worth it? Most vapors would want more puffs for their money but would that be the best way to approach disposable vape devices. Coils are known to start tasting a little burnt after a current amount of use and in disposable devices, the user is not able to replace the coil in a disposable. Unfortunately, in some cases after couple thousand puffs that coil might start to taste burnt. As disposable devices continue to develop and improve features we might see more improvements in the coils and how long they can last in one device.

In the meantime, ORGNX has focused on perfecting the flavor while using the latest mesh coil technology. Adding just the right amount of e-liquid to produce a sufficient amount of puffs to maintain the best taste without getting that burnt flavor from the coil. Delivering some of the classic flavors ORGNX is known for and introducing some new flavors like Cold Brew Coffee, Aloe Lychee, and much more, with 13 flavors to choose from there is a flavor for everyone. Focusing on flavors first will allow a more enjoyable vape experience when picking a disposable device.

Take Aways

Disposables are on the rise and it's easy to see why. Hundreds of options, all with different features, mean you can find what you're looking for. The taste of the flavor in your disposable vape device is what gives you that vape experience that you have been looking for, as the puff count determines how long you’ll experience the vape device. ORGNX has focused all its efforts to develop the best-tasting flavor you could ever experience. The goal was never to have the most puff counts but to deliver the best-tasting vape flavors on a disposable. Disposables are the future of vaping, if you're looking for an amazing experience give one of these flavors a chance we promise you won't regret it!

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